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Don Brown for U.S. Congress




I am running to restore civility and cooperation to government. I believe there is common ground we should be able to find. The politics of division are doing their job, they are dividing this great country into sections. We should be looking to unite behind the idea that the Great American Dream can still exist.

Washington is broken and the people of SE Texas deserve a Congressman who will focus on creating jobs and repairing our economy, not waging war on hungry children and the elderly. We need someone who will demand oversight on money that was supposed to come to this district but has gotten lost in Austin. 

As a small businessman, I'll focus on taking real action to grow our economy. I understand the unique challenges facing small businesses. Too much red tape can hinder the success of fledgling businesses, but not enough oversight can cause big companies to take advantage of the marketplace - also hindering small business.

The job of a Congressman is to always be finding the balance between regulataion and de-regulation.

I look forward to a spirited debate with Randy Weber on his failed record for SE Texas. Instead of looking for balance, he has found extreme comfort in de-regulation, to the detriment of small businesses and individuals.